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I have a dell insiron 1501 recently did a restore to factory settings to correct a problem now I can't connect to internet. Computer wireless says connected but when try with internet explorer there is no connect. I caled Dell they 260.00 for a years software support which they claim is the problem. Dell laptop, Windows 7 Internet Problems | Tom's Guide Forum Aug 28, 2014 · Hey, I have had a Dell laptop for a few months now and it keeps coming up with a "No Internet Access" Yellow Icon. It still says im connected but have no internet access and I cannot open any webpages or anything that involves the internet, every other computer and phone in the house will connect and stay connected. Connected on wireless network but no internet acces Oct 17, 2013 · Reporting: Connected on wireless network but no internet acces This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community. PC connects to wireless network, but web pages just won't

Solved: Computer connects to router but no Internet connec Dell Inspiron PC . The Charter guy installed the cable and there was a signal to the modem. He connected the NETGEAR wireless router and turned on the Toshiba Netbook. The computer found the network and we logged in. The computer showed that we were connected to the network and the NETGEAR Genie came up. But there was no Internet connection. WiFi Not Connecting (Official Dell Tech Support) - YouTube Feb 04, 2018 · Laptop wont connect to wifi and internet - how to connect laptop to wifi modem - Duration: 5:19. zlita How to restore a dell laptop to factory settings windows 8 from windows 10 3520 pc Wifi Connected but No Internet Access Windows 10 / 8 Dec 04, 2015 · My PC Connected to WiFi but no Internet access in Windows 10 / 8, My laptop's Wi-Fi connection shows connected, but I'm not able to access Internet. I Can Connect to Wireless …

May 03, 2019 · Best answer: I had the same problem today and stubbled on the answer. Pretty easy too. Click on the wireless connection icon in left lower corner or open the network connections icon. Click properties on the wireless connection under internet

Wifi not connecting without Ethernet cable - Windows 10 Apr 18, 2019 · Wifi not connecting without Ethernet cable Basically what happened before: After updating to Windows 10, my computer was not showing any network options. (The icon says "Not connected - No connections are available) Going into Control Panel/Network and Internet/Network Connections, it then says "Local Area Connection Network cable unplugged". Connected to Wireless Network but "No Internet Access Mar 26, 2011 · Every so often though, usually after the computer has been asleep or shut down then restarted, the wireless network connects but says "no internet access" and pages can't be loaded. Why can my Dell Inspiron connect to the network but not Aug 30, 2012 · Every computer on the router can connect to the Internet but not my Dell Inspiron. It has been connecting for the last year, but no longer. Why can my Dell Inspiron connect to the network but not the Internet? Dale Neal August 30, 2012 Restart computer to see if connects to internet. Kao Vang . August 30, 2012 at 4:45 pm

Aug 11, 2018 · I have an intermittent but annoying problem of lack of internet connection despite good LAN connection on startup of Win 7 across several different computers (all Dell, some desktop, some laptop) and versions of Win 7 and, in fact, using two different LANs on two different ISPs on opposite sides of the world. Icon shown no internet but connection OK Solved - Windows May 16, 2018 · Internet connection icon missing from systray Hi, I turned on my Dell Laptop running W7 today and the "2 tv's and globe" icon showing that you are connected to the Internet is missing from the systray. Thankfully I'm connected to the Internet, however it is very annoying and mystifying that this icon has just disappeared. I've gone into the Excellent wireless connection, but no internet access Sep 04, 2012 · Excellent wireless connection, but no internet access both connected to wireless internet. My computer works perfectly fine and loads webpages without a problem. The computer is a Dell Connected but no internet (Windows XP, both ethernet and Sep 09, 2008 · Connected but no internet (Windows XP, both ethernet and wireless) I'm having trouble with my old windows XP laptop (a Dell Latitude). able to connect to the internet over the wireless

Computer connected to network, but NO internet access