Her term for informal custody transfers is "non-legalized adoption," and she defines the phrase to mean: "Hey, can I have your baby?"

The image is marked " All rights reserved" on flickr so it can't be uploaded just yet. If that is your flickr account and you took the image then you can change the license (under "Additional information") to CC-BY-SA, CC-BY or CC0 to make… What does 'Bong hits 4 Jesus' mean? Presumably humorous, but anyone able to explain it? Ben Finn 23:17, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

The Nintendo 64 continued what had become a Nintendo tradition of hardware design which is focused less on high performance specifications than on design innovations intended to inspire game development. Following the release of Believers Never Die – Greatest Hits, the band took a hiatus from 2009 to 2012 to "decompress", exploring various side projects. Britpop eventually declined in popularity and Oasis' next two albums failed to revive it. However, the band's final two albums, Don't Believe the Truth (2005) and Dig Out Your Soul (2008), were hailed as its best efforts in over a decade and… Nejnovější tweety od uživatele Blaq_boy (@mhe_lorde). So what we get drunk? So what we smoke weed? We’re just having fun We don’t care who sees We living young and wild and free Follow me I follow back. I did it by making lists of nouns and then asking, What does each noun mean? You can go and make up your own list right now and it would be different than mine.

What does it mean if a boy looks at you? | Yahoo Answers

what does it mean when a girl get wet? | Yahoo Answers Jun 20, 2007 · This happens to girls & boys both after suddenly seeing an attractive boy or girl(of opposite sex) fro the age of 16-17. That doesn't mean that immediately sexual intercourse should be done. In fact it should be prevented at that teder age.

Urban Dictionary: yahoo boy yahoo boy. A person that does shady deal using the internet as a medium for communicating. What does it mean when a boy cums? | Yahoo Answers Feb 03, 2012 · it just means that there is a genocide occuring in his ball sack. those brave soldiers. what does it mean when a boy says hi to you? | Yahoo Answers Sep 14, 2013 · ok so I just started my freshmen year in highschool and I'm not really a "specialist" when it comes to this stuff aha so anyways, it was the end of last period. there werent many people left in the room, maybe like 4 people, and i was gathering up my things when a felt a tap on my shoulder. so i turned around and there was this kid I've seen but I've never talked to him he said "hi" so I

EnglishEdit. EtymologyEdit. Named after the Internet company Yahoo!, whose free e-mail accounts are sometimes used by scammers. A person that does shady deal using the internet as a medium for communicating.