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Although Tali will be cleared of her charges of treason, you will not gain her loyalty. Thane: If you take too much time 

Companion quests - Jack: Subject Zero | Companion quests Mass Effect 2 Guide I would strongly recommend starting this mission later in the game. To be more. Otherwise you'll have to choose between losing Jack's or Miranda's loyalty. Source: with Miranda then upgraded to Shock Trooper and I was able to charm Jack to win back loyalty. You just can't give her any responsibilities on the suicide mission. You're only My first time through ME2, I lost Jack's loyalty. It's weird that if  I did both loyalty missions, sided with Miranda during the argument (as I couldn't stand Jack) so lost Jack's loyalty and everyone still survived at  Sep 19, 2015 r/masseffect: This subreddit is for people who love the Mass Effect universe - the I tried to pick the most awkward character to bring for a particular loyalty mission. For Jack's, I brought Mordin since I thought the two of them would have the  Jack's loyalty mission (Jack: Subject Zero) will let you kill a few mercenaries, If you need any help, then just look at this part of the larger Mass Effect 2 guide.

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i lost jack's loyalty - Mass Effect 2 - Giant Bomb ya. I lost Miranda's loyalty when I sided with Jack during their little argument after Jack's mission. I use Miranda the most, tho, so I reloaded a save and sided with her instead. I screwed up Samara's mission tho and never got her loyalty. I guess I won't be getting hers since I just continued playing. Jack and Zaeed loyalties *SPOILERS* - Mass Effect 2 After a violent death by an unknown force and a timely reanimation by the human supremacist organization Cerberus, Commander Shepard must assemble a new squad in the seedier side of the galaxy for a suicide mission in the second installment of the "Mass Effect" trilogy. Companion quests - Jack: Subject Zero | Companion quests Companion quests - Jack: Subject Zero | Companion quests Mass Effect 2 Guide. 0. Post Comment. 1. 2. IMPORTANT! I would strongly recommend starting this mission later in the game. To be more specific, you should focus on fully developing your character's paragon bar or renegade bar, because otherwise you will be risking losing Jack's or Who did you bring along as the 3rd wheel for loyalty

Feb 20, 2010 · When you do the mission for Subject Zero to earn her loyalty after wards there is a fight between S.Z. and Miranda, I sided with miranda (for obvious reasons) and now I've lost S.Z's loyalty. ME2Recalibrated at Mass Effect 2 Nexus - Mods and community Apr 22, 2019 · Jacob's loyalty mission triggered as it should. Aeia became accessible, as it should. No problems. In addition, Deager, the author of CEM for ME3, also did a recent test. His order was: Kasumi > Thane > Samara > Grunt > Jack > Zaeed > Mordin. His result? Horizon triggered when it should. Jacob's loyalty mission triggered as it should. [Solved] [PC] Kasumi: Stolen Memory DLC Crashing at the

Okay, I just finished my first playthrough of ME2 and I had all characters loyal except for Jack. Did her loyalty mission last and I had about 90% paragon but I still  For Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "How after you complete Jack's loyalty mission you will see the choice is available. Jun 20, 2014 Mass Effect 2: Jack goes to the lab on Pragia, where Cerberus experimented on her as a little child. It's not as she thought ➲ Next Episode:  Aug 14, 2010 This is the renegade outcome of Jack's loyalty mission, including the catfight between Miranda and Jack. Voice artists: Jennifer Hale as